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Strengthen Your Digital Defense

Step-by-Step Safety Guides 

Financial loss

Without a proper guide, most people remain exposed to cyber threats,
risking data and financial loss. 

Demysti5 offers an Improve section as a unique personal online safety framework.

Key Features: 

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Secure Score: Your progress in completing tasks within the Improve section contributes to your Secure Score, a measure of improved digital security.

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13 Security Sections: Demysti5's framework covers critical areas such as passwords, social media security, apps security, and more.

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Task-Based Guides: You access step-by-step guides, complete with detailed step by step guides, to implement security measures on your devices/applications/services you use.

Demysti5 enables you to improve your overall digital security in everything you do online or offline by

  1. demystifying and democratizing cyber security
  2. making you aware about the cyber dangers you face and the implications for you
  3. making the apps you use more secure
  4. recommending you secure ways of doing everyday things
  5. assisting you in preventing cyber-attacks
  6. helping you understand all about cybersecurity in a way that matters to you

Because security is much more than just having an antivirus or VPN and our goal is to help you achieve that.

Demysti5’s improve plan is a complete framework which covers everything from passwords, financial security, social media security and much more. We do all of this without overwhelming or scaring you; on the contrary, we make it fun and at the pace you like.

Cyber attacks on individuals continue to grow at an exponential rate; something must be missing, right? There are numerous frameworks, principles, tools, and services to protect businesses, but all left for people are tips and tricks at the bottom of some news articles, or you must search for them. Our goal with Demysti5 is to simplify cyber security, create awareness, create frameworks and bring all of this proactively to you through our platform dedicated to people like you to reduce the impact of cyber attacks.

No, no one can guarantee that you will never be hacked. Demysti5 aims to improve your overall digital security and make you more aware of the cyber dangers you face, but it is impossible to eliminate the risk of being hacked.

We understand that trust is earned and not given. We strive to demystify and simplify cyber security, making it accessible and understandable for all. Our goal is to provide a complete framework that covers everything from passwords to financial security and much more. Additionally, we prioritize transparency and honesty in all of our practices, and we are committed to helping you achieve optimal digital security.