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Safeguarding the Digital Classroom

Demysti5 is engineered to safeguard this digital learning, instilling students, faculty, and staff with essential cybersecurity knowledge. Our interactive tasks and real-time advice transform cybersecurity from a concept to a practical skill, fostering a safe and enriching educational journey.

Digital Awareness

Equip students and staff with the knowledge to navigate the digital world safely, fostering a secure educational environment.

Learning Culture

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Cyber Resilience

Cultivate a resilient academic environment against an evolving landscape of cyber threats by empowering individuals with personal cybersecurity knowledge.

Future Readiness

Prepare students for a digitally connected world by ingraining cybersecurity consciousness, making them future-ready.

Enhanced Reputation

Elevate the institution’s reputation by demonstrating a proactive approach to cybersecurity education and online safety.

Nurturing a Safer
Digital Learning Environment

In today’s interconnected world,
ensuring a secure digital space for education is paramount. Demysti5 is here to empower students, faculty, and
staff with the essential knowledge and tools to navigate the online realm securely.


Explore Digital Safety Horizons

Embark on a personalized journey of cyber discovery,
setting the groundwork for a secure educational environment.


Elevate Cyber Literacy

Empower your educational community to enhance their
digital safety, nurturing a culture of continuous cybersecurity


Guided Cyber Decision-Making

Offer on-demand advice for common cyber scenarios,
supporting informed and safe digital interactions.


Monitor Cyber Learning Progress

Track the cyber literacy journey of your students and staff,
celebrating milestones towards a safer digital learning environment.

Cybercrime Ranks Among
Top 10 Global Risks

WEF 2023 Global Risks Report lists “widespread cybercrime and cyber
insecurity” as top 10 severe risk for next decade


Accounts Have Been
Breached Since the Start of 2020


Phishing Victims
In 2021


Lost Hourly To Cyber


Victims Targeted

Elevate Cyber Literacy
Among Students and Staff,



Encouraging digital awareness among students and staff can significantly mitigate risks associated with online threats. Demysti5 aids in fostering a culture of awareness that goes beyond the school or college, extending into personal online interactions.



By promoting personal online safety, schools and colleges can protect sensitive data and educational resources. This protection is crucial to maintaining trust and ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of information



Demysti5 serves as an educational tool itself, promoting digital literacy and providing a practical platform for learning about cybersecurity, which is a vital skill in today's digital world.



By empowering individuals with personal cybersecurity knowledge, schools and colleges can build a stronger resilience to cyber threats, ensuring a secure and uninterrupted learning environment.



A commitment to online safety reflects positively on an institution's reputation, showcasing a modern, responsible, and proactive approach to cybersecurity.



Preparing students for a digitally interconnected future is crucial. Demysti5 equips them with the knowledge and skills to navigate the online world safely, both now and in the future.

Demysti5 is a personal online safety platform designed to improve users' digital security. It can benefit colleges by educating students, faculty, and staff on essential cybersecurity practices, thus creating a safer digital environment on campus.

Users progress through structured learning pathways, completing tasks, and accessing advice on common cybersecurity concerns. They earn rewards and improve their Secure Score as they advance, providing a gamified learning experience.

Demysti5 can serve as a supplementary resource or a standalone platform to enhance personal online safety awareness. It's designed for self-guided learning, making integration straightforward.

Students are often targeted by cyber threats due to their active online presence and sometimes, lack of cybersecurity knowledge. Demysti5 educates students on personal online safety, helping them protect themselves from common cyber threats. By improving their personal digital security, students can have a safer online experience, which is especially crucial as they access college resources, personal financial accounts, and more, online. Through Demysti5, students can learn to navigate the digital world securely, which is an essential skill in today's tech-driven society.