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Invest in Your Team's Personal Online Safety

With Demysti5, help your employees stay safe online, making your
business stronger against cyber threats.

Cyber Resilience

Increased overall cyber resilience as employees apply personal
cybersecurity practices at work.

Learning Culture

Fostering a culture of continuous learning and self-improvement.

Security Awareness

Understanding the basics of
cybersecurity through personal online safety tasks.

Attack Surface

Lessens the number of threats by
promoting personal online safety among employees.

Cost Savings

Lowering the frequency of cyber attacks by enhancing personal
cyber safety can reduce the expenses related to cyber incident management.

Empower Your Team with
Personal Cyber Safety

Demysti5’s intuitive platform makes it simple for businesses to guide employees in
enhancing their online security, while providing valuable insights that contribute to a safer
digital business environment


Uncover Personal Cyber Strengths

Embark on a journey of personal cyber discovery, laying
a foundation for a resilient organizational culture.


Elevate Cyber Literacy

Empower your educational community to enhance their digital safety, nurturing a culture of continuous cybersecurity improvement.


Guided Digital Decision-Making

Provide your team with on-demand advice for common
cyber scenarios, nurturing informed digital choices both at home and at


Monitor Personal Cyber Progress

Track the cyber readiness journey of your employees,
celebrating milestones that contribute to organizational cyber

Cybercrime Ranks Among
Top 10 Global Risks

WEF 2023 Global Risks Report lists “widespread cybercrime and cyber
insecurity” as top 10 severe risk for next decade


Accounts Have Been
Breached Since the Start of 2020


Phishing Victims
In 2021


Lost Hourly To Cyber


Victims Targeted

Personal Cybersecurity,
Organizational Resilience

A Culture of Cyber Mindfulness

A Culture of Cyber Mindfulness

Foster a mindset of cybersecurity mindfulness that transcends from personal to professional spheres, contributing to a safer organizational digital landscape.

Engagement and Empowerment

Engagement and Empowerment

By offering Demysti5, demonstrate a commitment to your employees' digital safety, fostering a culture of trust and empowerment.

Personal Security, Professional Peace of

Personal Security, Professional Peace of Mind

As your employees strengthen their personal cybersecurity, they become a stronger line of defense against potential cyber threats targeting your business.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction

The global annual cost of cybercrime is anticipated to exceed $8 trillion by 2023, with a substantial portion of cyber attacks being a result of human error?. Demysti5's framework educates employees on personal cybersecurity, indirectly reducing the likelihood of costly incidents at work.

Human-Centric Security

Human-Centric Security

Prioritize Employee Experience to Minimize Cybersecurity-Induced Friction: Adopting Demysti5's human-centric security design can minimize friction caused by security measures and maximize control adoption, as projected by Gartner?

Proactive Cyber Hygiene

Proactive Cyber Hygiene

Employing Demysti5 enables employees to improve their personal cybersecurity habits continuously, which in turn enhances the overall security posture of the organization, preparing it better against ransomware and extortion claims that have seen a resurgence in 2023?

Demysti5 is a platform dedicated to simplifying online safety for end users, enabling them to improve their overall digital security through a series of tasks, guides, and scores.

By investing in the personal cybersecurity of your employees through Demysti5, you're fostering a more cyber-resilient work environment. As your employees become more secure personally, they are less susceptible to cyber attacks in the business realm, which in turn, protects your business assets.

  1. Cost-Efficiency:

    • Investing in personal cybersecurity awareness through Demysti5 could potentially prevent costly cyber incidents. By proactively educating employees on cybersecurity best practices, businesses may reduce the risk of phishing attacks, data breaches, and other cyber threats that could lead to financial losses.
  2. Reduced Cyber Risk:

    • As employees become more cyber-aware and practice secure online behaviors, the overall cyber risk profile of the business could decrease. This proactive approach may also contribute to lower insurance premiums in cybersecurity insurance policies.
  3. Enhanced Reputation:

    • By promoting a culture of cybersecurity awareness, businesses can potentially enhance their reputation among stakeholders, customers, and partners. Demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity can instill trust and confidence in the business's ability to safeguard sensitive data.

Demysti5 is designed with a universal approach to personal online safety, making it adaptable for any business regardless of its industry or size. The core essence of Demysti5 is to enhance personal cybersecurity awareness, a principle that is universally applicable to all individuals, and by extension, to all organizations.

Here’s how Demysti5 can fit seamlessly into your business:

  1. Unique Human-Centric Approach:

    • Demysti5 tackles the human factor in cybersecurity, enhancing personal online safety which translates to a secure professional environment.
  2. Holistic Cyber Education:

    • Like mental health platforms improve personal well-being leading to better work performance, Demysti5 educates on personal cyber safety, fostering a secure work culture.
  3. Practical, Actionable Tasks:

    • Real-world tasks encourage practical application of cybersecurity knowledge.
  4. Engaging Learning:

    • Gamified learning cultivates interest and long-term retention of cybersecurity principles.
  5. Ready Cyber Advice:

    • Immediate guidance for common cyber concerns, valuable in personal and professional digital interactions.
  6. Trackable Progress:

    • Secure Score provides a metric for evaluating cybersecurity awareness growth.
  7. Enduring Secure Habits:

    • Promotes lasting secure habits, beneficial for both personal and professional cybersecurity.

In the contemporary business landscape, despite having robust cybersecurity infrastructures in place, organizations continue to face cyber threats, predominantly due to the human factor. Here's how Demysti5 stands apart in addressing this crucial aspect from a business perspective:

  1. Tackling the Human Factor:

    • Demysti5 directly addresses the human factor, which is often cited as a significant contributor to cybersecurity incidents in organizations. By educating and empowering employees on personal online safety, Demysti5 helps in cultivating a more cyber-aware workforce which in turn, minimizes the risks associated with human error.
  2. Holistic Personal Cybersecurity Education:

    • Much like how mental health platforms support individuals to foster personal well-being which subsequently reflects positively in their professional life, Demysti5 adopts a similar holistic approach to personal cybersecurity education. When employees are secure and knowledgeable about cyber threats in their personal digital interactions, they carry that awareness and robust cyber hygiene into the workplace.
  3. Practical and Actionable Learning:

    • Demysti5 provides practical, actionable tasks and guides that transcend theoretical knowledge. This practical approach to learning encourages employees to apply their knowledge in real-world settings, both personally and professionally, thus promoting a culture of cybersecurity mindfulness.
  4. Gamified Learning Experience:

    • The platform’s gamified learning experience with rewards and scoring engages employees in a way that fosters a genuine interest in improving their personal online safety. This engaging learning experience makes cybersecurity education enjoyable and less of a chore, which is beneficial for long-term retention and application of cybersecurity principles.
  5. Accessible Cybersecurity Advice:

    • With an Advice section ready to provide guidance on common cybersecurity concerns, employees have a readily available resource to consult, which can be invaluable in moments of uncertainty both in personal and professional digital interactions.
  6. Measurable Improvement:

    • Businesses can track the progress of their employees’ cybersecurity awareness through the Secure Score, providing a measurable metric to evaluate the effectiveness of personal cybersecurity education.
  7. Long-Term Cultivation of Secure Habits:

    • Demysti5 promotes the formation of secure habits that extend beyond the platform, creating a lasting impact. This long-term cultivation of secure habits is akin to the enduring benefits of mental wellness practices facilitated by mental health platforms.

Demysti5’s unique approach to personal cybersecurity education, focusing on the human element, positions it as a forward-thinking solution in the cybersecurity space. By helping employees to improve their personal online safety, Demysti5 contributes to creating a stronger first line of defense against cyber threats in the organizational environment, embodying a preventative approach to cybersecurity that is beneficial for both the individuals and the organization.