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Urgent Security Alert: Update Your Apple Safari Browser to Fix Critical Flaw

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What is it:

There is a security flaw in the Apple Safari internet browser that potentially lets Cybercriminals to have unauthorized access and see sensitive information on systems where Safari is installed. In order for the weakness to be used, the person using Safari must visit a harmful website or open a harmful file. This weakness is related to the DFG JIT feature and is caused by a failure to check if an object exists before using it. If an attacker is able to use this weakness along with other weaknesses, they may be able to run harmful code on the affected system.

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Who does it apply to:

If you use Apple Safari Browser

What should you do about it:

  • Apple has fixed this security flaw, Update your Apple Safari Browser now

  • It is always best practice to verify the genuineness of the website before clicking on a link or downloading apps

Technical details:

DFG JIT feature helps improve the speed and performance of web applications in Safari by converting JavaScript code into a form that the computer can understand and run more efficiently.


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