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Secure Your Digital Life

Join empowered users trusting demysti5 for enhanced online safety,  expert advice, and a dash of fun! 



Peace Of

Stop Cyber


Online safety made simple for
billions of people.

Our digital platform enables & rewards you to effectively build defences,
prevent cyber attacks & continually track your progress.


Easily discover how secure you are currently
with our simple questionnaire

We understand one size fits all approach does not work for everyone so we start with understanding where you are currently and then personalise the journey to security just for you


Easily improve your overall security on the apps
you use every day with our simple guides

Personalized tasks based on your Cyber Danger score to improve your security on the apps you use every day via with our simple guides on how to enable security features, as well as unbiased recommendations for free and paid security tools and services.


Get all the help you need to prevent incidents
before they cause damage.

You can verify emails, links, or anything else to determine whether they are malicious. Also get step-by-step instructions on what to do in the event of a cyber incident.


Continuously track your progress and change your online habits to strengthen your overall security.

Change your behaviour online – Habits create discipline, discipline creates more habits, that’s how you stay secure and earn rewards while doing so – We reward you when you secure yourself.

Taking the complexity out
of online security

Easy and Simple

Easy and Simple

Straight forward guides and recommendations make it really simple for you to build strong defences reducing your chances of getting hacked

Fun & Rewarding

Fun & Rewarding

Have fun while you secure yourself with our engaging platform, and we will reward you along the way to keep you motivated.

Personalised Experience

Personalised Experience

We tailor the security journey by breaking it down into smaller pieces so that it does not overwhelm you.

A to Z

A to Z

Ever evolving platform covers security features on all the apps you can think of.



Our app is protected with industry-standard security measures, Rest easy knowing your data is secured with multiple layers of protection on our app.

Get all the help <div>you need</div>

Get all the help
you need

All the help/ resources/ guides are at your fingertips through our mobile and web app.

Cybercrime Ranks Among
Top 10 Global Risks

WEF 2023 Global Risks Report lists “widespread cybercrime and cyber
insecurity” as top 10 severe risk for next decade


Accounts Have Been
Breached Since the Start of 2020


Phishing Victims
In 2021


Lost Hourly To Cyber


Victims Targeted

It’s Time for Change

We are on a mission to make the internet a safer place,
starting with you.

We firmly believe that online safety is a fundamental right for everyone. Our relentless commitment is to turn this belief into a reality, one user at a time. Your safety matters, and together, we’re shaping a more secure digital world. Join us in this crucial journey towards a safer internet for all! 


The Process Path to Online Safety


Know you Cyber
Danger Score

We start by assessing where you are in the security journey, defining the kinds of online threats you might encounter, then assigning a score that will be continuously monitored.


Get your tailored
improve plan

We then assist, reward, and guide you to build defence brick by brick in everything you do, right from the apps you use to changing your online behaviours.


Prevent Cyber

We give you all the support you require to validate emails, links and URLs in order to stop cyberattacks before they happen.


Level Up &
Make Progress

We then assist, reward, and guide you to build defence brick by brick in everything you do, right from the apps you use to changing your online behaviours.


Simplifying cybersecurity news.